Bathroom Remodeling for First Timers

When we renovate our home, we want the appearance of every room we transform to be a reflection of our tastes and our personal style, while setting us at ease with all the right colors, amenities, and serving every function the room requires. We may love our homes, but nothing is perfect, and there is always room for improvement, even if it is to add our personal touch or a dose of increased practicality.

People from Boston to Orange County, CA, and everywhere between are seeking to give their homes a facelift, and bathroom remodeling is one of the most popular projects people choose to take on. All too often the bathroom is simply not styled to our tastes or does not have all the features that we might find useful. Not only does bathroom remodeling help us enhance one of the most frequently used rooms in our home, but it also raises the value of our property.

Of course, if you will engage in a home improvement project involving your bathroom, you will need to take some essential steps to make sure that you are prepared, find the right people to do the job, and get the design of your bathroom just the way you want it. So here are some helpful things to think about when planning your bathroom remodeling project.

Planning The Layout Of Your Bathroom

First, it helps to think about what you need out of the bathroom. Try to think beyond the obvious necessities like the vanity, the sink, and the toilet. The biggest issue most people have with bathrooms is their unfortunate lack of space, ambient, and storage. You will not just need the bathroom amenities and accessories, you will also need a place to store the essentials like towels, soaps, dental hygiene products, personal hygiene products, medications, and bathroom tissue.

However, bathroom remodeling seems almost wasteful if you do not gain some extra space from what generally tends to be tight quarters. That means the space occupied by the absolute necessities of your bathroom should be minimized without sacrificing storage space. For that reason, the initial planning of your bathroom’s layout is imperative.

The first thing that will happen during a full renovation is that the bathroom will be gutted, which will leave the space as partial walls, studs, floor, ceiling, and a whole bunch of creative envisioning. The space will appear bigger with everything out of it, so try to compile some ideas for how you want everything to be arranged.

One great way to save on space is to consider if you would ever take a bath. If not, a spacious but condensed corner shower could be a great way to open up the bathroom area more. Tankless toilets are another modern rising trend. Rather than having the toilet intrude into the center of the room, it can be positioned closer to the wall, with the actual flushing mechanism coming directly from the piping rather than from a tank. A recessed medicine cabinet is another great way to maximize space but eliminating yet another protruding feature while retaining the storage it provides. In the same sense, the shelves should be receded into the available wall space rather than externally sticking out into the room.

Lighting And Ventilation

If there is one thing many older bathrooms lack, it’s proper ventilation and adequate lighting. One light source in the bathroom is hardly enough if you have enough space where the casted light simply does not reach well enough. Many people have a light closer to the shower area, as well as over (or around) the vanity.

Ventilation is code in most bathroom projects, so be wary of any contractors who do not believe this to be the case. It is likely that poorly vented spaces would not pass inspection anyhow. But consider that even if the exhaust vents are installed, one of the most common problems bathrooms have is humidity. Natural ventilation is always better than just a fan, so ensuring a good-sized window in the bathroom, as well as possibly one in the shower, is always a good practical call, especially if you reside in a warmer area of the country like Orange County, CA.

Safe Tiled Floors

Shower floors, more than any other area in the home can get slippery when wet. In the shower, we are most vulnerable to falls if proper precautions during bathroom remodeling are not taken. It is important to have good choices for floor and wall tiling, to make your shower as safe to use as possible.

The prime choice for shower floors is to select small, textured tile, which, alongside extra grouting will keep the floor from being overly slippery. These tiles will also be easy to clean and the grouts will be resistant to humidity, mold, and stains.

Assure A Proper Team For The Job

If you have worked with Orange County remodeling contractors before, and trust their work, you are lucky. If you have never worked with someone you are considering, ask for references to former clients who will speak to their work.

Most importantly, chat with any contractor who comes out to consider your project, and try to get as many helpful ideas as you can (even if you do not ultimately hire them for the job). It is also advised that you do some research and gauge your own ballpark price that you believe this bathroom remodeling should cost. Don’t necessarily settle on the cheapest price though, you can always negotiate. Go with the potential vision closest to what you want out of your new bathroom.


Just remember, a bathroom remodeling is a project you would not bother to take on if you were not looking to improve the function, update the style, and maximize the efficacy of the room’s space. For that reason, you should craft a vision for what you want out of it, and hire help that will help it manifest.